Growing and Learning in Community Gardens

Our vision for our community garden is that it...

Roots itself as a collaborative investment in nature and our environment
Sprouts engaging opportunities for inquiry, observation, experimentation
Stems from a motivation to eat healthy and love fruits and vegetables
Blossoms into a gathering place to nurture and care for other living things

In 2013, our BIG IDEA for growing a learning garden 
included incorporating paths, small themed garden beds, learning areas with seating options, a large area for a community gardening, science themed sections like our 6th Grade Learning Legacy Project, weather tracking devices, garden art, recycling/composting area, signage including QR codes landing on information websites created by the students, QR code driven nature walk, etc.

Once we began our journey, this BIG IDEA seemed like TOO BIG of an IDEA for us to take on alone. We decided to reach out to the City of Lone Tree to see if they were interested in collaborating with us to make our vision happen. Lucky us! They were setting their sites on a community garden located within the city and happily included our site at Lone Tree Elementary as a possibility. So now it is the City of Lone Tree, Lone Tree Elementary, and Denver Urban Gardens working together on this exciting project to bring growing and learning together.   

Follow along and watch us grow as we answer these questions.
How can a community garden be mutually beneficial for both students and community gardeners? 
How do we ensure a sustainable gardening program?
How do we craft a garden to meet our local needs?

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