Welcome to Mrs. Pringle's 5th Grade Classroom

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Welcome to our 5th-grade classroom!!!! I am so excited for this year to be your child's teacher. Thank you for visiting our website and staying up-to-date with all that is happing here in class.  Please check back often to get up to date information and to see what we are learning about. Documents, videos, links to helpful websites, and a calendar for project due dates are all accessible from this site.  

Please pack your child a snack for the morning because we have a later lunch and the kids get hungry. Please try to make sure it is healthy and does not contact nuts as we have some children who have nut allergies. 

Important Dates:

Virtual Meet & Greet: Friday, August 14th:

Your classroom teacher will be sending an invitation link to join them for a virtual Meet & Greet this Friday, August 14th.  These meetings will be recorded in case you can not attend live.

1:00  - Kindergarten

1:20 - 1st Grade

1:40 - 2nd Grade

2:00 - 3rd Grade

2:20 - 4th Grade

2:40 - 5th Grade

Orientation Week will be the week of August 17th:

-If your child is assigned to cohort A1 they will attend orientation on Monday, August 17th, 8:30-3:30.

-If your child is assigned to cohort B1 they will attend orientation on Tuesday, August 18th, 8:30-3:30.

-If your child is assigned to cohort A2 they will attend orientation on Wednesday, August 19th, 8:30-3:30.

-If your child is assigned to cohort B2 they will attend orientation on Thursday, August 20th, 8:30-3:30.

-All students will meet with their teacher virtually on Friday, August 21st.

-The cohort number associated with your student is only used to determine which day your child attends Orientation Week.  At this time we will not be using the number for anything else.