Mr. Gleason Home

Joe Gleason

Moderate Needs (Social Studies)

Head Baseball Coach (HRHS Baseball)

This is my 5th year teaching at Highlands Ranch and my 12th year coaching at this amazing school. Prior to teaching at HRHS I was teaching in North Aurora at an alternative school. Working in a variety of settings I have found that Highlands Ranch is the ideal home for myself. I look forward to meeting you in my classes!

Mr. Gleason's Schedule

  • Period 1 - Plan/Case Management
  • Period 2 - Plan/Case Management
  • Period 3 - Team Taught Economics (Room 1305)
  • Period 4 - Team Taught World History (Room 1305)
  • Period 5 - Government Strategies (Room 2335)
  • Period 6 - Team Taught U.S. History (Rom 1205)
  • Period 7 - Plan/Case Management

Important Calendars

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