Tuition and Payment


The B.A.S.E. program uses an online registration and tuition calendar on

School Care to reserve a spot for before school,

after school, and full day programs. 

 Please refer to our

News, Announcements and How to Register

page for details.

You are only required to fill out a tuition calendar if you plan on sending your child to a Program session.

Please Note: Tuition calendars are due on Wednesdays with your tuition payment. 



Tuition payments are due at the time that you sign your student(s) up for sessions.

*** Please sign your student(s) up online by Wednesday midnight  prior  to the week of service.  

         ***If you have any questions or concerns please contact Mike Leon at:
or Cathy Sullivan at:




Tuition is determined by the days you are contracted to for the school year + fees for before/after school and in-service days.  Refunds are not offered and switching days is not an option.  You may add a day if it is approved by the Director and you pay the $3.00 drop-in fee + the daily rate of the program you are using ( Before or After School or Full Day).