Preschool Information

Heritage Preschool A

3350 Summit View Pkwy

Highlands Ranch, CO 80126


Start /End Times
AM 8:35-11:20
PM 12:45 - 3:30

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Upcoming Events

Current Information

Our current unit is All Around The
World! We'll be learning about so

many different people and

cultures. FYI we'll be on Winter

Break from December 25 - Jan.

5 so no school! We'll be having a

fun party this month. Details to


Home School Connection:  Thera-putty

1.  Mix white glue and 1 cup water in a medium sized bowl.  

Don't mix in the warm water just yet; you'll need it in the next step.  Use a plastic spoon to stir it, but don't worry if it doesn't mix completely.  If you want your DIY 
thera-putty to have a color, add your food coloring now.

2.  Mix 1/2 cup warm water and 1 teaspoon borax in a separate bowl.  

Mix this with a plastic spoon until the borax is dissolved.  Ours didn't dissolve completely, but we were able to work it in during the next step.  

3.  Slowly pour the borax mixture in to the glue mixture.

We stirred with the plastic spoon as we poured, but we soon realized that it's best to just get messy.  My son didn't really mind mixing it by himself; in fact he loved it!  We didn't have all of the borax mixed with the water, but it didn't matter.  It quickly incorporated and made putty.

Delay/Closure Information

On a delayed schedule, Douglas County schools start 90 minutes later than the normal school start time. On a delayed start, AM Preschool Classes will be cancelled. PM class will not be affected by the delayed schedule.

The District will use the following methods to notify parents about weather-related school schedule changes:

  • Local television and radio broadcasts starting at 5:00 a.m.
  • District website: www.dcsdk12.org for the most current and accurate schedule. Information will be updated by 5:00 a.m. 
  • Weather hotline: 303-387-SNOW (7669). Closure and delay information will be updated by 5 a.m.