Harrison Sundgren

Welcome to Physical Education at Ranch View Middle School.  This year in 7th and 8th Grey we will focus on learning about personal health and fitness, game strategies, tactics and movement skills.  Students are expected to come prepared for PE each day by changing out and wearing appropriate footwear.  Please see the Syllabus for more details.  
*Please note that the syllabus has changed from last year regarding our changing out policy.  We will be going over this in class one of the first days.

***Volleyball and Flag Football Test Click Here***

***Olympic Reflection Click Here***

On one of the first days of class students created a list of things they wanted to learn this year in PE beyond games and sport specific skill.  This list was converted into a word cloud with the most common words as the largest.  Below is the picture of what 8 Grey came up with for this year.