The purpose of the school accountability committee is to serve in an advisory role to the principal in implementing the accountability process in the school.  This role includes approving the School Improvement/Accreditation Plan, and reviewing and reporting progress towards goals and objectives established by the plan.

Also, at each meeting, the agenda provides time to: 
  • Convey Information – The principal discusses issues impacting GRE and the District; upcoming calendar events are detailed; and staff committees report on topics including Literacy and Math Curriculum, School Technology, and Positive Behavior Support. 
  • Identify Issues/Concerns – Parents, staff, students, and people from the surrounding community are encouraged to identify problems or concerns regarding actions, activities or behaviors at GRE. Discussion of the issues and identification of possible corrective actions are made with the principal for consideration. 
  • Topics of Interest - Other topics of interest can be presented for discussion. The committee invites suggestions and comments to improve the school environment.

In Plain English:
A group of parents, teachers, the principal and anyone else who cares about making GRE a world class school get together and discuss where we have come from, how we are doing and where we are going in the future all in the name of what is best for kids.

We meet the second Monday of every month and all are welcome to join. Please click here for the scheduled meeting dates.

Have a celebration, issue or concern you would like to discuss at the next Accountability Team meeting?
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Can't Make It?
We will post the minutes from each meeting below. Please read them and if you have any questions or concerns please contact Erin Vest  (Accountability Team Chair) at ermedvest@gmail.com.  You can also contact the Accountability Team Chair for a copy of minutes prior to 2017 or check here.

May 2020 SAC Minutes

SAC February 10, 2020 Minutes

SAC January Minutes

December SAC Minutes 2019

November 2019 SAC



­­­October 2019 SAC