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2017/2018 - Meeting Dates and Meeting Minutes
August 15th - Agenda/Minutes
September 19th
 - Agenda/Minutes
October 17th - Agenda/Minutes
November 14th  - Agenda/Minutes
December 19th  - No Meeting
January 16th  - Agenda/Minutes
February 20th  - Agenda/Minutes
March 27th - Agenda/Minutes
April 17th  - Agenda/Minutes
May 15th  - Agenda/Minutes

2017-2018 FVEA Board

2017-2018 FVEA Events
To be announced...

We welcome everyone...please join us!

FVEA Bylaws

Archived 2016-2017 Minutes
August 16th      6-7pm     Minutes
August 31st      7-8pm Agenda/Minutes
    October 5th      6-7pm  Agenda /Minutes 
October 15th    Agenda / Minutes
 November 2nd  7-8 pm Agenda / Minutes
   December 7th   9:30am  Agenda / Minutes
January 4th      5-630pm Agenda / Minutes
    February 1st      5-630pm  Agenda / Minutes
March 1st          5-630pm  Agenda / Minutes
March 15th 8:30am-9:30am Agenda / Minutes
  April 5th            5-630pm  Agenda / Minutes
May 24th - Agenda / Minutes