Frontier Valley 

        Compass Care Mission Statement:
Promoting the safety, well-being, and development of every child while partnering with schools and community to be the best choice for families.


Programs Offered

Before School Care 6:30am to 8:30am - $9.00 Per Child

After School Care 3:30 to 6:00 - $11.00 Per Child

Full-day Program (during Summer, Fall, Winter & Spring breaks)

$33.00 Per Child/10% Sibling Discount

$33.00 Per Child for field trip days + ($10.00 Activity Fee) = $43.00 Total Per Child

Calendar Policy

Calendars are due Wednesday by midnight the week prior of 

the week of attendance, payment is due up front.

Charges and Fees

Annual Enrollment Fee (once a year):

$75 (one child)

$100 (families with two or more children)

Drop In Rates

Please speak with a staff member first about availability.

There is an additional $3 fee per session, 

per child ($4 on full days) -- 

No sibling discounts are awarded

Late Calendars

Late calendars should be approved by a staff to ensure availability.

Late calendars will result in a $2 fee per session/per child, 

and no sibling discounts are awarded

Contact Information: 

Frontier Valley B.A.S.E. Program
23919 E. Canterberry Trail
Parker, CO 80138

Our new BASE number at the school is:


BASE Field trip phone:


Director: Rachel Lynch


Assistant Director: Josh Schaner


Friendly Reminders:

B.A.S.E. uses an online parent portal to enroll students in our program.

This portal is called  "School Care Works." This is different from the "Infinite Campus" parent portal that you use for the school.

Enrollment can take up to 48 hours to be approved, not including weekends, so plan ahead!

When your enrollment has been approved you may then access your parent portal and reserve child care sessions.

You have up till midnight before the session needed to register your child. For a late calendar, a calendar filled out any number of days up until the day care is needed, there will be a $2 late fee per late session. As a day of drop in (unscheduled attendance) there will be $3 fee. For full days there will be an additional $3 late fee for calendars and $4 for drop ins (unscheduled attendance). All fees are charged per child.

Our attendance/accounts are set up for families to reserve and pay for sessions by the Wednesday prior to the week they need care. If the session you are attempting to sign up for is is grey and you are unable to click on that session then that session is either full or registration is closed. Our sessions are first-pay basis for attendance. Children who show up at BASE without being registered for that session will be charged the drop in rate. For after school care if the program is full for that day your child will not be able to attend and will be sent to the front office which closes at 4:00 pm. For before school care we will not be able to accommodate your child if we are full. 

Be sure to call ahead if you intend to drop you child in to a session or intend to remove your child from school the day of a session your child is registered for!!

We do not offer refunds or credits unless notified by the Wednesday prior to the week of needed care.

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