Welcome to Fox Creek Technology for 14-15

Where and how will my student encounter technology at Fox Creek Elementary?
Technology will be a part of the specials rotation this year. If you child has P.E., he/she will also attend technology that day. So, your child will have technology for 3 consecutive days. You can download the specials schedule HERE. Technology now has a full time Instructional and Technical Assistant, Cindy Townsend. All lessons will be planned by myself, Michelle Lynn; however, either Cindy or Michelle will be teaching during the regular technology rotations. This is to allow enough support to our teachers for technology coaching and technical repairs.

Also, students will interact with a variety of technology tools each day in their classroom. Each classroom is equipped with a document camera, an interactive whiteboard, a projector, and a classroom amplification system. Also, teachers have access to iPads, iTouches, 4 mobile labs with laptop computers and computer labs with enough desktop computers for each student. Each 3rd-6th grade classroom has 15 Chromebooks

What is Fox Creek's philosophy for using technology for learning?
Technology is used as a tool to deepen understanding of content through the use of research-based instructional strategies. For example, our primary classrooms may use an app such as Educreations to compare and contrast, via audio and video recording, the differences between themselves and other students during their "About Me" unit. Third grade my use Google Spreadsheets to calculate a shopping wish list and analyze how long it would take to purchase their wish list during their  "Wants and Needs" unit. Students do receive foundational technology instruction, such as keyboarding, during their technology rotation but it is the integration of technology in their daily instruction that helps to sustain 21st century technology skills while also deepening understanding of other content areas using an engaging and interactive form of instruction.