Fox Creek operates on a shared leadership structure where administration, staff, students, and parents work together and listen to one another in order to foster a dynamic elementary school program.  Our leadership structure is supported by the following:
Principal - Brian Rodda
Brian oversees all aspects of Fox Creek's daily operation.

Cathy Bedell - Administrative Dean
Cathy's focus is on student discipline and assessment coordination

Instructional Coach - Angel Wolf
Angel's focus is on supporting quality instruction in every classroom.

FCE Leadership Team
The Leadership Team is a elected staff committee that overseas the Fox Creek Work Plan.  The team coordinates all efforts to improve student achievement and the learning environment of Fox Creek.

School Accountability Committee
The SAC is a representative team of parents, community members, and staff who oversee Fox Creek's operating budget and curriculum.

Parent Teacher Organization
The PTO is made up of all the Fox Creek parents.  The PTO's focus is on positively influencing student achievement by supporting the teachers and staff of Fox Creek.