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Responsibilities 2011-2012

You will participate in a 16 hour study group where half of the hours are face to face (f2f) and the other 8 hours are conducted online. Successful completion of the following learning opportunities earns participants a $250 stipend in June 2011.
 DATESLearning Opportunities:
October - May  (2 hours)   
 Webinar Choices choose and attend 2 webinars by May 2012.
Oct-Nov Dates (2 Hours)Ed Tech Academy  F2F meeting   (Register: Course Catalog>Study Group>Ed Tech Academy)
Nov-Jan   (4 Hours) 
Online Learning, Sharing Units/Student learning samples 
 January 30
Unit Due - Share unit plan, student work
 Jan - Feb    (4 Hours)     
Regional Conference.
 Feb-April    (4 Hours)Online Learning, Sharing Units/Student learning samples
 April 20
Unit Due - Share unit plan, student work
 April 23- May 3   (2 Hours)        Register for your Ed Tech Academy F2F meeting 

Check which date/time you selected for your final Ed Tech Academy meeting.

Outcomes: Desired Results
Participants will have a PEAC experience:
PERSONALIZEDAlign school's improvement plan and learning goals with our personal and school educational technology learning plans.
EMPOWERINGIntegrate 21st century skills into instructional learning opportunities.
 Customize measurements to provide learners feedback about how well do they know and are able to do the content learning targets as well as level of proficiency with integration of 21st Century skills.
Collaborative     Work with colleagues in your school and throughout the district. What's working? What are challenges? Create solutions.

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