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Regional Groups for 2010-2011

Below is a table listing all DCSD Schools broken down by region.  To access your region's home page, you can either click on the region name or use the "subpages" links below the table.

Please find your school and add your name behind the school name (ex: ThunderRidge HS-Kiffany Lychock) and then LINK to your personal page (let us know if you need help doing this part!).  This way we can use this space as a collaborative sharing area to see each others work!

Castle Rock Region
(CVHS, DCHS and RCHS Feeders)
Highlands Ranch Region
(HRHS, TRHS and MVHS Feeders)
Parker Region
(LHS, CHS and PHS Feeders)
Regional Leads:
Ed Watterson (RCHS)
Kyla Uribe (SCE)
Jen Jensen (CSE)

Regional Leads:
Kiffany Lychock (Ed Tech/former TRHS)
Cindy Emmons (CCE)
Gwen Marlatt (BCE)
Regional Leads:
Joanne Russum (CHS)
Marci Boatwright (IHE)
Karen Stanfield (PGE)
HRHS Feeder
Arrowwood - Andrea Weber
Acres Green - Kay Tucker
Cougar Run
Eagle Ridge-Cate Beck
Eagle Academy-Kirsten Warner
Fox Creek-Michelle Lynn
Lone Tree - Kay Tucker
Cresthill MS-Mark Wakefield
Highlands Ranch HS-Suzanne Riches
Highlands Ranch HS-Leslee Kitzman
MVHS Feeder
Bear Canyon-Gwen Marlatt
Copper Mesa-Lisa Gorhum
Heritage-Ayn Scott
Northridge-Sara Torley
Sand Creek-Brandon Petersen
Summit View-Carol Geist
Mountain Ridge MS - Brett Beckett
Mountain Vista HS-Dawn Ramsey

TRHS Feeder
Coyote Creek-Cindy Emmons
Coyote Creek-Mark Jeffryes
Eldorado- Julie Johnsen
Roxborough-Kristin McCord
Saddle Ranch- Leigh Ann Kullhem
Stone Mountain-Jessica Alvey
Trailblazer-Michele O'Dell
Ranch View MS-Becky Myers
ThunderRidge HS--Paula Busey

Plum Creek Academy - Nancy Ingalls