Nov/Jan 2011 Resources

B-I-N-G-O... play to spell BINGO.
A.) Explore 4 resources vertically, horizontally or diagonally to spell BINGO. 
B.) Complete a resource reflection about the resources you explore. See Responses.
EXTENDED LEARNING:  Playing for blackout provides extra learning.

 N G     O
iTunes Store: Search Edutopia and subscribe to FREE project based learning podcasts. Listen from your computer or sync to a mp3/iPod device.
Try It: Challenge Based Learning takes PBL to the next level with a call for action by the students.
Where Good Ideas Come From (Video 5min)
Try It: Join a blog such as Classroom 2.0 to connect with educators to solve problems about teaching and learning.
Article @ Connectivism: A Learning Theory for the Digital Age by George Siemens.

Blog: Classroom 2.0 (10min explore)
Try It: Join the rich discussions by educators all over the world. Together we will transform teaching and learning.
Website: Storykeepers - Bernajean Porter's website to share resources to ignite the writer in your students.
Try It: Follow the steps and resources to refresh a writing unit.
NY Times Blog -Futurists: What will school look like in 10 years? (Podcasts 5min)
Try It: Write and record your future prediction (My Educator Perspective, Students write @ Learner Perspective)
Networked Student (Video 4min)
Try It: Create one lesson/unit for students to collaborate regarding a topic you teach - Where do you see the content we are learning in the real-world?
Article: Learning with Technology by Prakash Nair
Blog: Badges in the Real World by openmatt blog.
Try It: DCSD Edmodo allows teachers to award students with badges just link in the gaming world.
Website: Gamify Your Classroom - learn how educators are taking the gaming world of students and bringing it into the classroom for real learning.
This I Believe Essay: Geoffrey Canada Podcast (5min)
Try it: Write and record 2min personal This I Believe essay about your education belief & create podcast. Record your voice reading the essay in Garageband. Send to iTunes. Drag and drop the file on your desktop and link it to your ETA learning space.
Changing the Education Paradigms (Video 7min)
Try It: Share it with your staff or parents and discuss Greatest Fears, Biggest Dreams.
Dr. Fagen shared it with our Board of Ed = great discussion.


Blog "Instructivism, Constructivism, or Connectivism?" by eLearning Provocateur to provoke deeper thinking.
Website: FREE Technology for Teachers is the motherload of amazing resources. Make it a habit to check back 1x a week and fill your teaching bucket.
This I Believe Essay: Tarak McClain (5min)
Try It: Students create 2min This I Believe essay & podcast unit plan - topics may vary @ This I Believe @ Air, Food, Digital Footprint, Water, Animal Extinction, Poverty, Immigration etc.
World Peace Game (Video 7min)
Try It: Create a unit for student led learning about global issue.
NY Times article: In Classroom of Future, Stagnant Scores. And before you despair tech is worthless. Read Ira Socol's response: Class Wars at NYT
Blog: Kathy Shrock shares Infographics as an alternative assessment.
Try It: Create infographics in projects. Ask students to analyze and understand info from infographics
Website: The Innovative Educator shares great resources. Check out Ideas for Igniting Passion Based Learning.
iTunes Store National Geographic Podcasts 5min
Try It: Use the podcasts to introduce a science, geography lesson and get students engaged in a rich discussion.
Math Class Needs a Makeover (Video 11min)
Try It: Refresh a math unit with new elements.

 Article: In Digital Age, Schools that Connect are Schools that Succeed. Blog Post on Mind ShiftBlog: Learning Literacy, Literacy Habits, Learning Lifestyle by David Warlick.
Website: Thinkfinity -refresh a lesson/unit from here and include the digital tools that make the learning Connected, Service oriented.