I am excited for the 2016-2017 school year.  This year marks my 15th year of teaching and my 5th year at Highlands Ranch High School.  This year I will be teaching English II, Newspaper and Journalism.  It is important to note that I am a part-time teacher.  I am excited to again be assistant coaching the Speech and Debate team.  I am a Colorado native, with my undergraduate degree from Northwestern University and a graduate degree from New York University.  I spent 8 years teaching at Douglas County High School and two years teaching at an American school in Taiwan.  I love being a Falcon! 
Teacher Information
  • eetuttle@dcsdk12.org (email is preferred)
  • 303-387-0770, extension 62548

    Teacher Schedule and Availability
  • Per. 02 Newspaper
  • Per. 04 English II
  • Per. 06 Journalism
  • Per. 08 Plan Period
Special Note on availability:  Since I am teaching part-time, I will NOT be available during academic assistance time.  Students can make-up work or receive assistance before school, after school or during 8th period on even blue days or can see me during 1st, 5th, 7th or 8th period on silver all days.  

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