Our English as a Second Language (ESL) Standards are changing and so is our programming. ESL programming provides social and academic language support for all English Learners to become engaged learners who communicate effectively and think critically. English Learners (ELs), with the support of parents, students, staff, teachers, and the community will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to be responsible citizens who contribute to a global society. To keep up to date, take advantage of the links posted on this page and be sure to ask questions if you feel you need more information.

The mission of the Douglas County School District English as a Second Language Program is:

    To foster English language proficiency so that students may access a strong liberal arts education 
     including music and through a core  body of curriculum

    To cultivate the essential skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking in English language learners

    To maintain high educational expectations for students at all levels of language learning by fostering the
     skill of critical thinking

    To help students apply learning in all content areas by supporting the acquisition of social and academic
     English language skills

eryone has a story. Some stories begin with the end in mind while others are best left to begin at the beginning. Mine begins somewhere in the middle as it is yet unfinished, meaning I am only part of the way through my life. As I continue the journey of who I am through the lens of my experiences, I have the benefit of poetry to express my feelings with healing words (Pipher, 2002). As Diaz-Rico emphasizes, poetry as a language tool makes “life more beautiful, meaningful, and personal”  (2008). Because it universal across all languages, it is especially helpful in our context of cultural and educational explorations.