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Interested in trying out Model United Nations?  Stay tuned!

Dear ALL of my students and families,
Please read the following articles and take them to heart, think about them in the context of your life and learning.  Apply accordingly :)

Following the news - careful what you read!
General Policies:
Academic Integrity Document - Must read, print, sign, and return in the first week of class.  No other work will be scored or entered until the agreement has been returned.

 - Be kind, always.  Kind to yourself, kind to your peers, kind to your teacher, and kind to the people and perspectives we will study.
 - All students will turn in their cell phones to their assigned pocket at the start of class each day.
 - Late work will be accepted for partial credit until final late work deadline is given - usually by the end of a unit and one week before finals begin.
 - If you are absent, you receive the days you were absent, plus one, to complete missing work.  This does not apply to long term projects, or to tests that were assigned well in advance.  In those cases, the project is due still (online submission), and test/quiz/in-class essay is to be taken immediately upon return.  If you miss the day before a test, this policy does not apply, as the test had been scheduled prior to the absence and you are still expected to take the test with the rest of the class.  Please notify me when you are absent so that you can get what you miss that day and will be less behind upon your return.
- The school-wide Tardy and Absent policy applies to my courses.  View those here.
 - If you have issues or concerns, please come see me directly first.  Be your own advocate, and know that I will always work with you if you come to see me.

Happy 2018-2019 School Year!
This year I am teaching AP Government and Politics, AP Human Geography, and US History and Government.
It is my 14th year at HRHS, teaching Social Studies.
I am also the Link Crew Coordinators and serve as Department Chair for Social Studies.
I help to co-sponsor Model United Nations and Falcon's For Progress.
Here's to a great year!

Teacher Information
  • Email:  emily.muellenberg@dcsdk12.org
  • My 2018-2019 Schedule/Availability- 1st Sem
    • 1st - Plan
    • 2nd - AP Government and Politics
    • 3rd - US History
    • 4th - Plan
    • 5th - AP Human Geography
    • 6th - US History - Co-Taught
    • 7th - AP Government and Politics

  • 2nd Sem
    • 1st - Plan
    • 2nd - US History - CoTaught
    • 3rd - US Government - CoTaught
    • 4th - US Government
    • 5th - AP Government and Politics
    • 6th - Plan
    • 7th - AP Human Geography

Homeroom - Link Crew Year Long

I am available to meet with students for help and make up during Academic Assistance.  Before and after school help will be available by appointment

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