Second Grade Classrooms

Picture of George Banchero

George Banchero

Picture of Heidi Crepeau

Heidi Crepeau

Kimberley Montini
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George Banchero loves school and always has! George began working with kids when he worked parks and recreation in high school and knew that he loved kids then. Second grade is the perfect setting for George; he finds this age group charming, loving, eager, still open and free. His advice for parents is simple: “Cultivate your relationship with your child's teachers. Teachers are most effective with those students whose parents support teachers and work in unison with them.” George carves out time to read and to exercise.  His family and friends are very important to him, as well.

This veteran teacher of twenty plus years,  Heidi Crepeau loves ERE!  She appreciates the families here and the support the community and administration gives teachers.  Heidi has mostly taught primary aged children.  Each grade level offers different “bests” about them.  What she appreciates most about second grade students is the independence they achieve, the desire they have to do things for themselves, how they begin enjoying conversations with each other, their new found understanding of humor, and how they begin to shift from learning to read to reading to learn.  According to Heidi, “My second graders teach me new things every day!” When not at Eagle Ridge, Heidi  likes to spend time with her family.  They enjoy hanging out together, being in the mountains, skiing, and finding new little hidden fun places to visit in Colorado.  She enjoys reading, scrapbooking, and spending time with friends.