Dear Parents and Guardians,

Eagle Ridge utilizes a math program called Math in Focus.  Math In Focus - Singapore Math is a research-based curriculum "highlighting problem solving as the focus of mathematical learning. This complete program teaches concepts using a concrete–pictorial–abstract learning progression to anchor learning in real-world, hands-on experiences."  "Math in Focus® teaches math concepts to mastery by emphasizing the various facets of each concept, and then limiting repetition from year to year. "  Utilizing this program, our students will be learning to think about math in some new ways.  Some of the homework they bring home will ask them to solve problems in ways that parents may be unfamiliar with.  We have compiled these resources to hopefully address some of your questions and allow you to support your student in their math learning at school and at home.  Please feel free to ask your teacher or administration if you have any questions about the math curriculum and let us know if there are other resources that you could use to support student learning.

Thank you for continuing to encourage your student,
Eagle Ridge Elementary Staff


Resources for Helping Your Student

  • Parent Videos
  • Games Using Singapore Math Methods
  • Logging In for Homework or to Refer to the eBook
    • K-5: Think Central
    • 6th Grade:
    • Many teachers have set up individual accounts for students.
      **If your student does not have an account or you are interested in seeing what your student sees without logging in as them, we have created a "smartie" account for each grade. All of the passwords will be "parent"**
      • Kindergarten: EREstudentK
      • 1st Grade: EREstudent1
      • 2nd Grade: EREstudent2
      • 3rd Grade: EREstudent3
      • 4th Grade: EREstudent4
      • 5th Grade: EREstudent5
      • 6th Grade: sixthERE1