Message from the Principal

Dear Eagle Ridge Families,

Two weekends ago, my oldest son Landen, climbed his first 14er. It was a tremendous learning experience about setting a goal and working through unique challenges to achieve it.

We started the morning off at the bottom of Mount Sherman in Leadville. My son was ecstatic and full of energy. We started down the trail and arrived at our first challenge. We had to problem solve unique ways to cross wide streams to save his tennis shoes from getting damp at the beginning (His father forgot to double check that his hiking boots still fit). After crossing the river, the path quickly ends in a field of loose shale boulders. My son, doing his best, tried to walk across them but spent more time crawling on all fours due to how easily the rocks would slide underneath him.

My son started to notice that other groups were passing us. My son,feeling self-conscious, would repeatedly apologize for how slow he was moving. We decided to take a quick break, and we discussed that we are not in a race. We each have our own goal and we are not worried about the pace or strengths of others.

I shared with him my very favorite line from Tony Horton’s (P90X) book, The Big Picture. Tony’s favorite saying is, “Do your best and forget the rest.” In his book, Tony shares that “doing your best” means that some moments your best is 100%, but others it might only be 3%. It doesn’t matter as long as you keep trying and not stop. “Forget the rest” means that we have voices in our head that continue to tell us to stop or that we’re not good enough. We need to get those voices out of our head and just stick with it.

This was a mind shift for him and he had a great attitude the whole trip. As it turned out our conversation was a great pep talk for me too. When we started up the last 1000 feet, he was sprinting up the trail and I was struggling to put one foot in front of the other. My son repeatedly reminded me about my “lecture” and it kept me going all the way to the top.

After we were down and safely in the car, I asked my son what his take away was from his first climb. His response was perfect! His thought: I can do anything as long as I keep moving and never doubt myself.

My take away from the experience was never letting a difficult challenge/my fears stop me from losing out on a quality moment with my family. I wish I would’ve taken him up years ago when he first asked.


Doug Humphreys

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