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Here are the important dates for the 2015-2016 School Year.

Kindergarten Registration for the 2015-2016 school year opens January 14, 2015.  Please click here to access the 2015 Kindergarten Registration Packet.
(This Registration Packet may also be used for all new students)
Here are the important dates for the 2015-2016 School Year.

Eagle Ridge Elementary is a Lighthouse Leader in Me School.  This means our school follows and teaches the Franklin Covey 7 Habits program.  The program integrates timeless leadership principles into elementary school culture and curriculum, providing students with practical character and life skills relevant for today's 21st century challenges.  The Leader in Me provides our school with the vision and language to lead the school in a way that addresses all areas of development. (More about The Leader in Me

March 2015 Leaders of the Month

Parking at Eagle Ridge

September 10, 2014

Dear Eagle Ridge Families,

I wanted to inform you of some upcoming changes concerning the drop off and pick up locations around the school.  Lone Tree Police Department and Eagle Ridge Elementary have received a high volume of concerns around the safety of students before and after school.  The concerns are focused on students crossing in front of moving vehicles and families parking in a no parking zone.

The City of Lone Tree will be restriping the streets and putting up new signs around the school over the next two weeks to increase the safety of our students.  The curbs around the school will be designated drop off only or no parking zones.  Starting September 22nd any vehicles parked in either area will be receiving a ticket.  If you are a parent wanting to park and walk your child to their line up area, please park in the school or church parking lot.  

We will be spending the next seven days trying to educate families around the school about the new procedures.  Please be understanding as we try to keep all our children safe.


Doug Humphreys