First Grade Classrooms

First Grade Team

Meet our first grade Team!

We are pleased to introduce the terrific trio who makes up our first grade team at Eagle Ridge.s

Robin Vora is thrilled to be teaching at Eagle Ridge Elementary this year and looks forward to teaching 1st grade! This is her 19th year of teaching. She has spent most of her career in the primary grades and is  very passionate about. Robin has spent 12 years in 2nd, 1 year in 4th, 5 years in Kindergarten, and this will be her first year in 1st grade. Her favorite thing about teaching the primary grades is that she has the privileges of teaching children the joys of reading, writing, number sense as well as how to be a leader and the best little person they can be! She loves to see those "light bulb moments" where they learn something new and apply their learning. She has both an Undergraduate and Masters Degree from Regis University in Curriculum and Instruction with minors in biology and child psychology.When  not teaching, she loves to paint, garden, cook, read, hike, travel and workout. She is married and have an 11 year old daughter who is in middle school!  

Ashley Vallely has been teaching for seven years. This is her fourth year at ERE.  She has taught first, second and third grade in her years of teaching.  What Ashley likes most about first grade is seeing student growth. The students are so eager to learn and have great energy. In addition to finding her passion in teaching first graders, she loves the community feel at ERE.   To Ashley, first graders have funny, intelligent, and insightful things to say and will most likely teach you something and put a smile on your face. When not teaching, Ashley spends time with her family, hikes, does yoga, and travels.  

Emmy Wittwer has been teaching for 14 years here at ERE; prior to that she taught 2nd and 3rd grade for two years in Las Vegas, NV. What Emmy likes the most about teaching first grade is their innocence, the yearning to learn, and their smiles and hugs everyday! Emmy describes first grade as such a "growing" year that you can almost physically watch it happen.  When not teaching, Emmy loves to read, spend time in New Mexico with her family, and going to the mountains with her husband and daughter.  She is very excited because she and her family are moving to a new home in Parker….don’t worry-she will still be at Eagle Ridge Elementary!