DEP Computer Repairs/Ownership

Digital Educator-Repairs and Replacements

Digital Educator Budget will NOT pay for:
  • Battery Replacement for Digital Educators
  • Damage that has occurred to the computer and is not covered by warranty for Digital Educators
  • Theft of DEP equipment: The DEP program will not pay for stolen equipment.  Sites should follow the process for reporting thefts and reimbursement as set forth by the district and work with the Risk Management Department - Brennon Mendus.

If a Digital Educator causes damage to a DEP computer that is not covered under the warranty, the digital educator or their school will be responsible for the cost of the repairs.

OPTION: The school may decide to trade a usable laptop from the school inventory and keep the damaged one for the district replacement in future years.

Digital Educator Computers-Ownership

A Digital Educator will be able to keep possession of his/her Digital Educator purchased laptop if:
  • They complete the digital educator program requirements
  • They stay in Douglas County. The laptop is RETURNED to the Digital Educator Program (see Kiffany Lychock) if the teacher leaves the district.
  • If the teacher changes schools, the laptop moves schools with the teacher. Add the laptop to the school inventory.

However, if a Digital Educator has a computer that was purchased with school funds:
  • The DE will keep his/her computer as long as they complete the digital educator program requirements
  • The digital educator computer remains in the school that purchased the computer.  If a digital educator who is in possession of a school purchased computer transfers employment to a different school, their laptop must be turned in to their school building before they leave.
If you are unsure which funds were used to purchase your computer, you can click here to see a spreadsheet that contains that information.

Update 5/16/11:
Each school replaces the DEP computer with their district rotation money and that computer becomes part of the school inventory and should be designated as a DEP computer.
A consistent naming for DEP computers is: School Abbreviation-DEP-Username. For Example: MMS-DEP-KMMcMonagle.
If the Digital Educator leaves the district, it is returned to the DEP program inventory.
However, if the teacher leaves for another DCSD school and the computer was purchased with Digi Ed funds, the teacher is allowed to take the computer and it should be renamed and included as a DEP designated computer for the new school.

Update 4/16/12:
If a DEP leaves the district and the computer is a DEP funded laptop, that computer will become part of the school inventory. The Digital Educator should turn their computer into their CRT. The CRT should inform Kiffany Lychock that the computer was turned in. School sponsored laptops should always be returned to the building to become part of the inventory if that person leaves the school.
May 18, 2011, 9:32 AM