Testing Date April 14, 2020

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SAT SDQ Resources:

Supervisor Implementation Handbook

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We have had questions from the community regarding if the Student Data Questionnaire (SDQ) is required or an opt in for students taking the PSAT 10 and the SAT.   The assessment office has linked letters you can send to your community for clarification.  Letters can be sent prior to testing.  Let me know if you have any questions.  

SAT Questionnaire Letter

College Board EL: Accommodations: Word-to-Word Dictionary

SAT With Essay:

The essay may be required by some colleges and universities.  To find out a particular school’s essay policies go to:

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Account and Reporting Portals

College Board Educator Professional Login

SSD Online Portal

  • To submit accommodation requests

Assessment Reporting Portal - Students

  • Students can also login to their College Board account and access there

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Assessment Reporting Portal - Educators

  • Educators can also login to their College Board account and access there

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SAT Practice

Khan Academy

  • Students’ official PSAT and SAT results fuel customized practice programs

  • Diagnostic quizzes are provided for students who have not taken an official test

  • Full-length practice tests are graded instantly with a smartphone

Daily Practice for the New SAT App

Jump-Start SAT Practice

  • Recommendations for school based practice, study groups, and community-based organizations

Teacher Resources

Teacher Implementation Guide

Information and strategies for teachers in all subject areas

  • Overview of SAT content and structure

  • Test highlights

  • General Instructional Strategies

  • Sample test questions and annotations

    • Skill-Building Strategies for the classroom

    • Keys to the SAT (information pertaining to the redesigned SAT structure and format)

    • Rubrics and sample essays

  • Scores and reporting

  • Advice to share with students

Teacher Professional Development Modules

Each Module includes a PowerPoint and Facilitators Guide, as well as a recorded webinar

  • Module 1: Key Changes

  • Module 2: Words in Context and Command of Evidence

  • Module 3: Expressions of Ideas and Standard English Conventions

  • Module 4: Heart of Algebra and Problem Solving and Data Analysis

  • Module 5: Passport to Advanced Math and Additional Topics

  • Module 6: Using Scores and Reporting to Inform Instruction

College Entrance Essay Requirements     


Benchmarks for all tests

Red-Yellow-Green ranges

Educator Benchmark Brief


Test Administrator Training ‎(High School)‎ November 13, 2019

Accommodations Training ‎(High School)‎ November 1, 2019

High School Building Test Schedules & Parent Excusals 9-11-19.pptx

High School School SAC Roles/Responsibilities/Testing Preview August 28, 2019

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NCAA Information

SAT rolled out a new test this past spring. The NCAA recently released their Concordance Table, which is certain to catch some high school athletes off guard. For instance, if a student scored a 900 in the NEW test, the NCAA will view that test result as an 820 for initial eligibility requirements: Concordance Table (see page two of link) It is also important to remember that super scoring between the new and old SAT will not be allowed by the NCAA.

Regarding the NAIA, their minimal SAT score based upon the new test is now a 940. The old SAT their standard stood at 860.