Volunteers are an integral part of the Band Programs. 

*Volunteering at Centerplate (Mile High Stadium) is required for all Marching Band and Color Guard families. 
*Volunteering at DCMI is required for all families (minimum of 8 hours). Marching Band members are required all day. 
*Chaperones and Pit Crew are needed for all Marching Band performances. All Volunteers must sign the DCSD Volunteer Agreement. Sign ups will be on the Chaperones page

We have multiple events which need volunteers; Car Washes, Starlighting Booth, Gala, Banquet and more. 
Sign ups, on the Events page and Band Fundraising page, coming as each event approaches.

Students have the opportunity to earn Community Service Hours (required to graduate high school) by volunteering for CR Merchant Association Events. Sign ups will be on the Events page.