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Centerplate Concessions at Mile High Stadium​

Centerplate is our biggest fundraiser for the band program. We staff two concession stands at Mile High for Broncos games, concerts, and other events. This fundraiser raises between $30,000 - $50,000 each year for the program and it is mandatory that each family participates (unless the Buy-Out option has been chosen and paid). 
Each student is required to fill six (6) volunteer slots. These slots may be filled by the student (so long as they are at least 16 years of age), family members who are at least 16 years of age, relatives, or family friends. Parent participation is necessary as the staffing ratio is at least 3 parents to 1 student per event.

  1. Each student is responsible for having a minimum of 6 shifts covered throughout the 2018-19 Mile High Stadium events season. 
    • If there are two family members in band, a minimum of 12 shifts must be covered for that family. 
    • Shifts can be completed at one event by 6 people or spread out over multiple days/events.
  2. For each regular (non-leader) shift worked on behalf of a band student that is above the minimum 6 required shifts, the student will be credited with 25 IPA points. 
    • For example, if a band student has 10 shifts covered during the season, the first 6 are required and the last 4 shifts will credit 100 IPA points.
  3. For anyone volunteering as a Stand Manager or Cash Lead, that volunteer must cover a minimum of 3 leader shifts during the event season. 
    • Leaders are required to be at the concession stand 1 hour prior to all other stand volunteers and stay until Centerplate signs off on all end of shift forms. 
    • For each shift worked as a leader, the band student will be credited with 50 IPA points.
  4. In the event that the Denver Broncos make the playoffs and host any home games, each student is responsible for having a minimum of 1 playoff shift covered.
  5. For any band student that does not meet the minimum requirement of covering 6 shifts during the event season (as well as any extra playoff game requirement, if applicable), a $175 fee per each uncovered shift will be added to the student's Band Boosters Fee schedule for payment/collection.     
    • This fee is due to the missed revenue from Centerplate for not filling a shift plus the $100 fee Centerplate charges for needing to provide someone to cover the shift.
  6. For any shift that is signed up for and not covered ("No Show"), a $175 fee will be added to the student's Band Boosters Fee schedule for payment/collection. 
    • Shifts that are signed up for and dropped within 10 days of the event, require the volunteer to find their own replacement prior to the event. If the volunteer fails to get the shift covered, it is considered a “No Show” and the $175 fee will be assessed.

P. Andrea Bollman,
May 27, 2018, 9:51 AM