Curricular Ensembles

These are Programs offered as a class during the school year. 
Marching Band:
A semester course only offered in the fall for students who play a wind instrument. Students will continue to learn and enhance music fundamentals and technique learned during previous instructions. Students will also explore multiple approaches to develop and refine aspects of music performance and general effect as it pertains to the Marching Band show design.

Color Guard Techniques: 
This first semester course is designed to introduce and develop a student’s knowledge and skill in fundamental and advanced dance and auxiliary equipment techniques and performance. 
The Color Guard is a vital part of the Marching Band and follows the same schedule as the Douglas County Marching Band (schedule on calendar tab). All Guard members are required to participate during scheduled rehearsals and performances beyond the normal school day. 

Percussion Techniques: 
A year-long music course designed for students who wish to develop individual and group skills in the performance and study of percussion instruments. The instructor(s) will teach techniques in percussion performance and marching through individual, small and large group instruction. Students will be expected to participate in rehearsals and performances outside of the normal school day. Both marching and concert percussion idioms will be addressed. In addition, students will be involved as participants with the Wind Ensemble or Symphonic Winds as assigned at the Director's discretion.

Concert Band
A semester course only offered in the fall for students who play a wind instrument (woodwinds and brass) and are not members of the Marching Band. Students will continue to learn and enhance music fundamentals and technique learned during previous instructions. This ensemble is also open for any beginning brass or woodwind players.

Wind Ensemble: 
This second semester course is designed for advanced wind students. Students will continue with the development of quality individual and ensemble performance skills. The highest quality traditional and contemporary literature for wind band will be explored through upper level instruction. Auditions for placement occur in December.

Symphonic Band: 
A second semester course for students who play a wind instrument (woodwinds and brass) with the desire to learn and enhance fundamentals and technique, as well as perform as an ensemble in concert settings. This course will also provide instruction in music theory, history and aural skills that will apply to the development of good musicianship. Auditions for placement occur in December.

Concert Dress:

Men will purchase their tuxedos. JC Penny and other stores have great deals on a full tuxedo. Tuxedo jacket and pants are available to rent through the school for $30/year and must be dry-cleaned before return at the end of the school year. Tuxedos need to follow these guidelines:
  • Black Jacket: 1 or 2 buttons with a notched collar 
  • Black Pants: Satin stripe down the side
  • Tux Shirt: White with either a full or half collar 
  • Black bow tie
  • Cummerbund and vest are optional
  • Black dress shoes and socks

Women will purchase their concert dress and must follow these guidelines:
  • Pants: Black slimming boot cut dress pants. No jeans. 
  • Shoes: Closed toe black dress shoes. Leather or Patent 1” to 2” heel.
  • Shirt: Details for ordering the shirt are available HERE. The shirt takes about three weeks to process so please order well in advance of the first performance. If you are a returning member of the program, your shirt from last year will suffice, you do not need to buy a new one.

All jewelry is allowed but must not be a distraction to the performer or the audience. 

Wind Ensemble Auditions:

Auditions for Wind Ensemble will be during class on designated dates (to be announced). 
Below are the criteria for the auditions. If you have any questions, please let Mr. Aliga know. 
  • Students who have been chosen for the Continental League Honor Band/Orchestra are automatically selected for Wind Ensemble.
  • All students must audition or re-audition if they would like to be in Wind Ensemble. This includes students who have been in Wind Ensemble previous. 
Audition Requirements:
  • The faster/technical excerpt from the Continental League Auditions. Music can be found on the purple bulletin board. Tempo as indicated.
  • Woodwinds: Foundations of Superior Performance, Warm-up Set 1, option 3, all articulated.
  • Brass: A two octave major scale of your choice. 
  • Results will be posted on Friday, December 11th after school.
  • If a schedule change is needed, Mr. Aliga will inform the counselors. 

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