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I am in my 17th year of teaching, but my third here at Highlands Ranch High School.  I am excited to be teaching Adventure Experience this year as part of this amazing community!  I feel that this program allows my passion for teaching and my love for the outdoors to blend together for a great learning experience for all those involved.  I stay active by running, biking, hiking, and climbing in the outdoors.  Here I am during an Adventure Race in Moab, UT!

Teacher Information
  • I am most accessible by email.  I will respond ASAP!  
  • Teacher Schedule/Availability

            1 Adventure 1      Upper Gym

            2 Adventure 1      Upper Gym

            3  Plan

            4 Plan

            5 Adventure 1      Upper Gym

            B Lunch

            6 Adventure 1      Upper Gym


            7 Adventure 1      Upper Gym


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