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 MAIN OFFICE 303.387.2800

CRESTHILL FAX 303-387-2801

ATTENDANCE LINE 303.387.2802

BOOKKEEPER  303.387.2816

REGISTRAR  303.387.2810

ATHLETICS 303.387.2812

COUNSELING 303.387.2825

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2015-16 CMS Planner

Making Sense of Curriculum: What is "GVC"? 
Here in Douglas County Schools, we use a lot of acronyms. One that is good to understand is GVC, or "Guaranteed & Viable Curriculum." Get on comfy clothes, stretch out, and ground yourself in the district GVC information and know what helps to guide classroom instruction, PK-12, in our district. 

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Express Check-in:
Thursday, July 21st
Please complete before New Beginnings or schedule pick up.

School Picture Days:

At Schedule Pick Up on Monday, August 1st

(9 am to 1 pm)

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Free & Reduced Lunch Applications

Cresthill Middle School Supply List 16-17


Please note that these supplies are for your own personal use.  Students may be asked to purchase specific additional items by an individual teacher during the first week of school.  Planners are optional and available to purchase from Cresthill during Express Check In.



 #2 pencils or mechanical pencils              


Set of Colored Pencils


Set of Crayola Markers

Graph Paper (quarter inch)

Scientific Calculator (TI-30X) for Math 7, Accelerated Math 7, and Math 8      

Graphing Calculator (TI-84 plus or Ce) for Algebra 1, andGeometry                            

2 Large Boxes of Tissues (collected by homeroom teacher)

1 or 2 3-ring binders (1 inch or 1.5 inch) with tab dividers & filler paper

Spiral notebooks (regular 1 subject size)

Pocket folders (highly recommended)

Combination lock for locker room personal storage

Red Wellness t-shirt (you may buy your own plain red t-shirt or purchase a Cresthill Wellness t-shirt when you complete Express Check In).

Shorts and gym shoes for Wellness class

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