Coyote Creek "Little Pups"

Mrs. Gallagher


* We have changed our specials schedule and we will now be having both Music and Library on Friday.  

* Here is our ad in Macaroni Kids, thank you so much to Anissa and Laura for writing such wonderful things about this program.  I could not be happier with how this year has been going and I am proud to be the teacher of all of your Little Pups!

Please remember to send children with cold weather appropriate clothing, as well two snacks each day.

Each child needs an extra change of clothes in case of accidents!  Please make sure these are weather appropriate too!

Remember that this is a peanut free school! 

Monday: Capitol V

Tuesday:  lowercase v

Wednesday: Find Vv in a poem

Thursday:  Reading the room w/ buddies

Friday:  Messy Fun!

Tuesday: Graphing with counting cubes

Wednesday: Taking Surveys

Thursday: The Three Bears

Friday: Double Specials


Monday: No Specials
Tuesday: Art
Wednesday: Tech
Thursday:  P.E.
Friday:  Music and Library

February Lunch Menu
1.  Lasagna Roll Up, cucumbers, and apples
4.  Open faced sloppy joes, potatoes, peas, and apples
5.  Chicken tacos, corn, beans, and blueberries
6.  Hamburger, fries, green beans, kiwi
7.  Cheese pizza, salad, and oranges
8.  Bosco sticks, carrots, and grapes
11.  Chicken teryaki noodle bowl, broccoli, and applesauce
12.  Beef taco, beans, salad, and peaches
13.  Hamburger, fries, cauliflower, strawberries
14.  Cheese pizza, red pepper sticks, and blueberries
15.  Bring Lunch
18.  No School
19.  Chicken street taco, beans, corn, and strawberries
20.  Hamburger, potatoes, salad, banana
21.  Cheese pizza, tomatoes, and oranges
22.  BBQ Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and apples
25.  Chicken nuggets, potato wedges, broccoli, and applesauce
26.  Beef street taco, beans, carrots, blueberries
27.  Hamburger, potatoes, salad, banana
28.  Cheese pizza, corn, and kiwi

Native American hats for Thanksgiving!Reading with 6th grade buddies