Ms. Studdard

Welcome! My name is Cecilia Studdard and I am your students Wellness teacher on team Explorers. I look forward to a wonderful fun filled year of teaching your students. Learning is lifelong and here at Cresthill we are committed to building sturdy human beings. As a teacher, I strive to help my students develop a love for learning, give them a safe and comfortable learning environment and provide opportunities for them to grow. A little about myself: I was born and raised in Texas before moving to Colorado in 1980. I attended the University of Texas in Austin where I graduated with a All-Level Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education and Health. I have since earned a Masters of Technology in Education from Lesley University. This year will be my 30th year of teaching and will be retiring at the end of this year. I have two beautiful children, Katie and Kasey who went to school here at Cresthill and then Highlands Ranch HS. They both live in Austin, Texas, Katie with her 9 year old daughter Kerington and Kasey with his wife Kim, his 3 year old son Whitfield and their 1 year old daughter Remington. Some of my favorite things to do away from school are cooking, traveling, and sailing off the coasts of France, Italy and Spain.