Dual Enrollment 2015-16

Hello Cresthill Students and Families:

We are attempting to support your dual-enrollment choice between Highlands Ranch High School and CMS by providing you information related to class/bell schedules. In addition to this information, the link CMS Dual Enrollment Agreement provides you a time framework with regards to the amount of time that you will be missing classes at CMS and the expectations once you return to CMS. Please print a copy of the agreement, review it with your parent(s), and return the signed agreement to the counseling office at CMS.

PLEASE NOTE: It will be your responsibility to review (consistently) Highlands Ranch HS's School Schedule to ensure you know the block schedule for that week/month. If there is a change to HRHS's block schedule, your class at HRHS is of first priority. When you return to CMS and check in with the front office, please share with them that there was a change in schedules and we will clear any attendance issues that may arise.

CMS Dual Enrollment Agreement

Highlands Ranch HS - School Schedule 2015-16

Cresthill Middle School Bell Schedule 2015-16