8th Grade Career Expo

Collegeincolorado - The counseling department has created both visual and auditory directions to support your efforts in this process.

The Career Connect 8th Grade Expo is a one day event for all eighth grade students in the Douglas County School District to experience meeting with businesses and higher education representatives. The Expo was created for the Douglas County School District by a group of business leaders and education professionals. The Douglas County School District lends its support to the event and will be sending 5,200+ 8th grade students from all neighborhood middle schools and Charter Schools to attend the Expo.

The goals of the Expo are:

  • To provide a career and college awareness opportunity to 8th grade students;
  • Engage the business community to “grow their own pipeline” of highly qualified employees; and
  • Assist students with a better understanding of career opportunities and how their education can prepare them for future jobs.

Career Expo-Golden Ticket Information - To encourage students to use their communication skills when interacting with employers, the