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Cloverleaf Enrichment School is for students in grades K-12 and is designed to support parents who choose to educate their children at home.  Parents remain the primary instructional provider for students, with Cloverleaf supporting and enriching what occurs at home. Families participating in the program have the option of utilizing supplementary curriculum at no cost. This is possible because, as a public school, Cloverleaf receives a portion of the Per Pupil Revenue distributed at the state level for each enrolled student. This money is used to pay salaries, provide supplementary materials and cover costs associated with running the program.



Cloverleaf Enrichment School represents a partnership between family, school and community.  At Cloverleaf we support and enrich home education through a collaborative inquiry-based approach.  We seek to inspire young learners as we help to prepare them for a rapidly changing world.

Our Vision:

Because parents remain the primary instructional provider for our students at Cloverleaf, we support and enrich what occurs at home.  “Support and enrich” includes the following:

  • Community - Students form relationships with peers and adults and practice important social skills by supporting and interacting positively with each other in a caring community.

  • Collaboration - Students learn to think together.  Students engage in extended conversational exchanges with peers - expressing ideas, listening to others’ views, building off of others’ thinking, and agreeing and disagreeing respectfully.  We believe “individual minds are nurtured in the conversations - the interactive thinking - of the community.” In collaborative exchanges students develop leadership and initiative, flexibility, responsiveness, and responsibility.

  • Inquiry based approach - Students consider big questions that lead to investigations into central ideas, issues, or topics.  We value questions that promote “deep thought, lively discussion, sustained inquiry and new understanding.”  Students develop skills of critical thinking and creativity through our “hands on” and “minds on” approach to learning.

  • Subject area expertise - Certified teachers with subject area expertise, provide specialized instruction.  (Example:  Science laboratory experiments)

  • Support for literacy development - We recognize that students come to us with a wide range of literacy and communication skills.  We value and support each student’s literacy growth.   

  • School - home communication - Because parents remain the primary instructional provider, open communication allows Cloverleaf educators to work in cooperation with parents to support student growth.  We offer feedback to students and parents to communicate progress toward learning goals.



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