CHS Writing Tutors

ACK! The cursor taunts me, winking on the blank document. I stare at the screen, type something nonsensical, delete it. I go get a soda and chips and get distracted by the TV show my sister's watching. My best friend texts me... four hours later I wake the computer up and that cursor sticks its tongue out at me. Again. An hour later, the document still blank, it's too late to get anything done anyway. I'll type something during info processing tomorrow. I work best under pressure anyway.

-from our "Guide to the Writing Process," available in Documents

The CHS Writing Tutors are students to whom you can bring whatever writing you have before you. Your own personal tutor will help you to reflect upon, revise, and improve your writing. 

Please complete a Student Request-a-Tutor form, drop by the CHS Library, or send an email to Mr. Larson! We open roughly one month after the beginning of each semester, and we're available right through second semester final exams.

Students, look in Documents for useful documents about writing and the writing process. Also, look at the Useful Links page for more great resources to help you with your writing.

Do you need some help NOW NOW NOW? We're here for you. Send us your draft via Insta-Tutor, and we'll get response back to you within two school days (or just come see us tomorrow!). Insta-Tutor will be open about a month after the start of each semester.