Welcome to Chaparral High School's Library Media Center!

While we're away from one another

Hey Chap! Miss you ALL so, so, so doggone much! If you're working on research and would like some assistance; if you need user names or passwords; if you need to set up a writing conference; if you just want to check in; or for any other reason you wish to be in touch, fly an email my way. I'm checking messages oh-so-frequently, and we can meet in a Google Hangout or email or chat or something, okay? My email address is below, and we will charge through this! Wash your hands, practice social distancing, be active and creative each day, and please, please know how amazing you are! We so got this!     Mr. Larson

Great resource:  CDC.gov   

Mission Statement

The mission of the Chaparral High School Library is to offer a safe, welcoming, student-centered learning environment which fosters critical thinking and enables students to develop 21st century research skills, including the ethical and effective management of information. In addition, the Chaparral Library seeks to promote the development of collaboration, communication, and all facets of personal literacy, empowering students and staff to be lifelong learners and readers.

Hours:    6:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Mr. Damon Larson, Librarian/Research Coach  303-387-3623 


Mrs. Melissa Farris, Library Media Technician 303-387-3622


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