Google Apps for Students

It would be super helpful if they practiced logging in to their accounts (which means memorizing their username and password).  2nd and 3rd graders are also encouraged to use Google Apps at home.  They are familiar with good digital citizenship practices (online safety and dealing with cyberbullying appropriately) and should demonstrate this digital citizenship for home use as well.  Note: students can only send and receive email from others within Douglas County School District--this is an added safety filter that we have put in place for students. 

Student/Parent Access
Students and their parents can access their Google Accounts here.
User Name:  LastnameFirstInitialMiddleInitial                    Example:  Beckce
Password:    DcsdStudentIDNumber                                                   Example: Dcsd123456

If you are not in the DCSD Student Google domain signup, (i.e. at the open Gmail login you will need to type in after the username.

You can find your student's email login and password by accessing Infinite Campus' Parent Portal and clicking on Google URL