Fire Science-Rock Canyon High School

If you are interested in a career in the fire service or emergency medical systems, this program is for you. The career path in public safety can now be started in high school by completing the following three-course program: Fire Science/Principles of Emergency Service, CPAT and First Responder

During this three-course program, students will learn about fire extinguishing methods and equipment, special extinguishing agents, special hazard considerations and principles of emergency service. Today, firefighters respond to a vast assortment of emergency situations involving technical expertise in many fields; the old job of a firefighter only battling fires is long gone. In fact, whenever any emergency exists in a community, the fire department will be the agency called to mitigate the situation. 

Upon completion of this three-course program, students will be trained in all facets of basic fire/rescue operations, as well as First Medical Responder emergency medical training, including CPR certification for the healthcare provider. They will receive additional instruction in other areas of public safety such as fire prevention and instructional techniques for teaching the public important safety information. The CPAT prep course teaches prospective public servants the strategies and tactics needed to prepare for the extremely demanding physical agility tests required by virtually all fire jurisdictions.  Students who successfully complete all three classes with a grade of "C" or better will earn nine hours of college credit at Red Rocks Community College.

Class times:

7:40-10:40, Monday - Thursday

  • Junior or Senior in good standing and on track to graduate.
  • Accuplacer score of 95 (Sentence Skills) and/or ACT of 19 or higher for FST 160-Fire Science/Principles of Emergency Service
  • Math - Student must have completed or be currently enrolled in Algebra II or higher.

Credits Earned:

  • College Credit= 9 credits through Red Rocks Community College
  • DCSD Credit= 3 credits for completion of sequence.
  • $67.00 per class for a total of  $201 plus cost of books

Three-course sequence that must be taken together:

  • Fire Science/Principles of Emergency Service
  • CPAT Prep course
  • First Responders (a.k.a Emergency Medical Responder corresponding to the courses at Red Rocks Community College)