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STUDENTS: This is intended to help you by providing a calendar of what we do each day (with homework if you forgot it or were absent), some extra resources, and copies of major assignments in case you've lost yours.  I will also hope to use it for some homework assignments in an attempt to cut down on paper waste.

PARENTS: Welcome! Feel free to email me with any questions.  You can use this site well by giving me some quick information (see the poll on the sidebar) or click here and by checking the daily calendar.  Most classes have some form of homework nightly: if your student says otherwise, feel free to check by using the calendar function.

MR. DOMOKOS: He can use this to make sure students can access their work, communicate with parents, and put up jokes that no one else finds humorous. (Knock, Knock. Who’s there? The Nightingale. The Nightingale who? Ha! Fooled you! It’s really the Lark.  (Name the literature that references, and I'll be very impressed!)

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Teacher Information
  • Teacher Email Address:
  • Teacher Phone Number: Use the Remind app to contact me.  For instructions, go to the appropriate class's website's tab on Daily Agenda. (This is for students to text with questions--I reserve the right to  not to respond depending on the time.)
  • Teacher Schedule/Availability: I'm available every ACCESS period, but if it's busy, feel free to come in during 5th or 6th period. Both of those are lunches--please see me in advance if it's during A lunch as I may be in the English Office.
  • Please make an appointment if it's at any other time--I want to be available, I want you to succeed, and I will make this work.  I will be in the English office or my room, 1550.
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