Live Tobacco Free

Douglas County School District has been awarded the Tri-County Health Department Tobacco Grant for another three years (2015-2018)! We will continue our hard work to increase the use of evidence based strategies to reduce exposure to second-hand smoke, prevent youth initiation of tobacco/nicotine use, and increase smoking cessation rates in Douglas County. Thank you Tri-County for supporting our efforts!

Please contact Cynthia Redfern at for more information about DCSD efforts toward Nicotine Free youth. 


Tobacco use is the #1 public health problem in the U.S. Over 440,000 American die yearly due to tobacco-related illnesses, including 4,300 in Colorado. Tobacco claims more lives annually than HIV, illegal drug use, alcohol use, motor vehicle injuries, suicides and murders combined. 

The tobacco industry spends $15 billion a year promoting its products to new, young customers including $113 million in Colorado.
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Tobacco Grant Coordinator 

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