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P.E. = Play Everyday!

Hello and welcome! Physical Education at Bear Canyon is a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate K-6 program that focuses on the whole child. Students build a solid foundation of physical skill-sets and practice skill progression through collaborative team sports, games, and fitness activities. Physical Education is a fun and safe learning environment where students are exposed to authentic, sustainable, life-long activities. Students at BCE become proficient at the physical and social skills needed to live a happy healthy life.

P.E. is the perfect platform to implement essential skills while meeting the 2020 Colorado Physical Education Academic Standards. Students are engaged in movement the minute they walk into the gym, and are involved with goal setting, teamwork, critical thinking, playing fair, being kind, working hard, learning and understanding how to strategize and knowing everyone is a valuable team member no matter their ability.

Key principles in the PE classroom: Respect/Acceptance, Honesty/Playing Fair, Caring/Being Kind, Persevering/Believing in Yourself, Self-Control/Taking Responsibility for Actions, and Mindful Movement.

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What is Physical Literacy?

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