Our Team

Meet Ms. Ellison...

Welcome to fifth grade! I am excited to be the math and science teacher for fifth grade. I have taught at BCE 13 years and this is my 23rd year of teaching!  My Bachelors is in Elementary Education, Special Education and Mathematics. My graduate degree is in the area of Multicultural Education with an emphasis in the area of English as a Second Language. I have taught all grades in my field of Special Education.

My extra curricular activities involve may things. Hot air ballooning is a big one of those activities. I assist a local balloonist with his business, travel to hot air balloon festivals and a part of the ReMax chase team. One of the benefits is riding in the balloon! My other main hobby is supporting our troops. Over the years, our class has adopted a soldier while deployed which has been a 

tremendous experience.  And, last but not least, is traveling. This summer, I will take a few road trips to the west coast and Great Lakes area.      

I did add a new addition to my house. Her name is Izzy and she is a Calico Cat that is 7 years old. I hope to add a little "sister or brother" cat before the beginning of the year.

Ms. Charlton 

Meet Mrs. Parikh...

Dear 5th Graders & Parents,

I am thrilled that you are going to be in my homeroom class!  My name is Alisa Humphreys, and I have been a teacher at Bear Canyon for 16 years if you can believe that!  I have enjoyed teaching both 4th and 5th grades at BCE.  I grew up in Pekin, Illinois and then attended The University of Iowa where I got my Elementary Education Degree.  After college, I moved to Colorado and began substitute teaching at BCE.  I have been here ever since!  I received my master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction several years ago.  My passion is teaching writing, and I look forward to seeing all of you grow as authors this year.

My husband, Doug Humphreys, is a principal at Eagle Ridge Elementary in Lone Tree.  We met when he was also a teacher at Bear Canyon.  We have two wonderful sons!  Our oldest is Landen who will be a 4th grader at BCE this year.  Brecken is our six-year-old boy, and he will be a 1st grader!  We have a Goldendoodle named Gryffindor or “Gryffin” from Harry Potter.  He’s an important part of our family and we have lots of fun with him!

In my free time, I enjoy taking pictures and scrapbooking.  I especially love black and white photography.  Country music is an important part of my life, and one of my hobbies is going to as many Keith Urban concerts as I can!  I like to watch sports and we attend Denver sporting events once in a while.  If a carnival is in town, you better believe I will be there!  The more rides that spin the better!  Cake decorating is a passion of mine, and I enjoy decorating unique birthday cakes for Landen and Brecken each year for their birthdays.  One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to go camping in the mountains with my family.  

I look forward to learning about each one of you and about your hobbies and interests.  I absolutely love teaching 5th grade, and I can’t wait for all of the fun times we have ahead of us!  Be prepared to work very hard each and every day.  Please know with hard work comes lots of fun, and it feels incredibly rewarding.  Enjoy your last bit of summer!  See you very soon.


Mrs. Humphreys