Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Meet Ms. Baxter

I have a love and passion for this grand world we live in. I travel to faraway places every chance I get, and I hope to excite my students to do the same. I have lived in Australia, Croatia, Thailand, Panama, and aboard a cruise ship. In addition, have explored 33 countries in all (so far). There is nothing more enriching than experiencing a new culture, new food, new people, new languages, and new sites.

I am a graduate of Colorado State University and I am now on the journey to obtaining my Master’s degree in Elementary Education at Metropolitan State University. I taught English in Thailand, taught Technology Skills here at Clear Sky, and now I am teaching 3rd grade for the second year. I was also a camp counselor for 5 summers...I have lots of fun games to share!

Get ready for a great adventure in 3rd grade! It’s going to be a wonderful journey.