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Closure Dates & Tuition

Upcoming Closure Dates
We are also closed on Monday Dec. 31st for the New Year's Holiday.

Tuition Information-
2018-19 R
egistration Session
Begins July 1st 2018 ends June 30th 2019


Notify program staff members if your children will be absent from program sessions. We expect children to attend the sessions for which they are registered.

Contact BASE Staff 303-387-7722 to report an absence.

Absences- If you Child is signed up for After School and does not attend we will begin looking for your child. We will contact you and all emergency contacts. If we are unable to contact you/emergency contacts the police will be notified.
Absence Credit- Each child is allowed 3 Absence credit days per enrollment period. This applies to any days that your child was scheduled to attend. The Absence Credit form MUST be filled out in the month that the absence occurred.
The form will only be honored only within a month of the occurrence. We will not accept verbal requests. Absence Credits do not accumulate from year to year, nor are they transferable to other families. One Form per child- Multiple children require multiple forms.  Absence Credit forms can be found on the final Pages of the Parent Handbook.

Refunds / Schedule Changes

Refunds- We do not offer refunds. Days cannot be switched or removed once Registrations are submitted. Please plan your monthly registration carefully! BASE uses parent Registrations to plan for adequate staffing, program supplies, materials, buses, reservations, and room rentals. GRE BASE suggests only signing up 2 weeks in advance, to limit future scheduling issues.
Schedule Changes: Once parents schedule childcare, there are no refunds or credits for absences or schedule changes. Parents may add days after the scheduling cutoff if there is space available, and at a higher rate as outlined in the itemized fee schedule.

Payment Procedures / Payment Methods Available/ Payment Requirements

Gold Rush BASE is a Pre-pay Childcare Service.
Payment Methods Available: All major credit cards, including debit cards, and online checking accounts (ACH) are accepted.
We DO NOT ACCEPT CASH OR CHECKS.  Payments must be made through the BASE Parent Portal.
Tuition payments are required in ADVANCEBASE tuition payment must be paid in full for each scheduled session. Parents will be prompted to pay when a registration schedule is submitted. 
BASE tuition must be paid in full by the end of each week.
Balances may not be carried month to month. Failure to pay balance in full will result in a denial of childcare services.
Payment Requirements: In the event that we are unsuccessful in collecting dollars owed to the program, a final letter will be sent and parents will have five (5) business days to pay the full amount due. Failure to pay shall result in denial of childcare services and the account will be turned over to a collections agency. Accounts turned over to a collection agency may be reported to the credit bureau. 

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