Welcome to English with Ms. Babb! 
Hi! My name is J.J. Babb and this is my second year teaching at Mountain Vista. Prior to teaching here I taught for three years at Englewood High School and two years at The Pinnacle Charter School in Denver. 
With an educational and professional background in journalism, I strive to make all of my lessons relevant and interesting to students. I believe that every student has a voice and must learn to make the most of it. 
I know we will have a very successful year and I can't wait to get to know everyone!

Where To Find Me

Period 1, PLAN: U300's Office

Period 2, PLAN: U300's Office

Period 3, English 3: U309

Period 4, English 3: U318

Period 5, Exploring English: U318

Period 6, English 3: U318

Period 7, English 3: U318

Advisement: U308

        Election Resources
         ProCon.org Election 
         PBS on Donald Trump
        I Side With 

How To Contact Me

Email: jjbabbogrin@dcsdk12.org

Phone: 970-631-7580

Editorial Resources

    Editorial Examples

        * NYT Editorials
        * VistaNow Editorials

    Things to Get You Thinking (Topic Ideas)
           * More topics from the NYT
           * ProCon.org Topics

    Few Thoughts
          * Write about something YOU care about
          * It doesn't have to be a big issue- get specific 
            because it's only 450 words long!!!