Welcome to STEAM at Arrowwood Elementary

                                    Mrs Palmer

Links for specific grades can be found on the left side navigation.

What is STEAM?

STEAM= Science + Technology + Engineering+ Arts + Math      

Here at AWE, we add the ARTS to the better known idea of STEM because we understand and value the arts as a critical part of the learning process. 

STEAM is located in the main hallway.

About Mrs. Palmer

BS, Elementary/Intermediate Education (K-8) - concentrations in Math, Science and Social Studies

East Carolina University- Greenville, NC

 I have been with DCSD since 2004.  I started in the more traditional technology lab setting.  In 2012 I started one of the first hands on programs in the elementary schools. I am excited to bring this program to Arrowwood Elementary.


I grew up right outside of Washington, DC.  My husband George and I have been married since 1991.  We moved to Portland, OR in 2000 and then to Colorado in 2004.

We have two boys-

Snap is a 2017 graduate of Colorado School of Mines and is a Petroleum Engineer in Dallas, TX. He got married in January 2022 so now I finally a girl in the family.  We adore Elizabeth. She is also a Petroleum Engineer.

Charlie is a 2021 CSU graduate with a degree in Mathematics/Actuary Science.  He is  an acutarial underwriter with Travelers Insurance in their Inland Marine division.

We have three rescue dogs:  Jane, Mullie and 3. (yes, the thrid dog is named 3)