Course Description: STEM, as it implies is a class involving Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Within the classroom, students will rotate between five different stations/islands/areas. At each of these stations/islands/areas, students will be empowered to explore a variety of STEM related options. The greatest desire is that students will develop skills for an uncertain future and will learn to persevere when faced with problems and difficult situations.

Mr. Anthony LaCombe


I am very excited to be a member of the teaching staff at Cresthill! In the past, I have taught visual art, industrial (technology education) art, and have served as a school librarian. The classes I teach will involve all of my areas of knowledge and interests- art, technology, and questioning/research. I look forward to the creative and inventive projects students will produce.

I am a Colorado Native and love to fish, take photographs, and travel. Here are some photos from my collection-