Important Information

Important Information for the 17/18 School Year

Ms. Kelsall’s class

Project Based Learning (PBL)

Our school has adopted a new teaching approach called Project Based Learning where students will be engaged in a rigorous process of inquiry that combines significant content with 21st century skills. It will require critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity (our 4 C’s) along with problem solving. We will complete multiple projects this year!


Communication between parents and teachers is key to the success of your students!

The best way to contact me is through email:  

Important information concerning the class will be sent by email.

You can also reach me through the school’s main phone number. Phone calls are not put through to the classroom during school hours but you are welcome to leave me a voicemail.

The best way to get a message to your child during the day is to call the office and they will deliver the message to our classroom by the end of the day.

Thursday folders will be sent home every week with school information.

I will also be using Remind to send out text reminders. This is a one way text service that you can sign up for.

Other important information regarding upcoming events and activities can be found on the CSE website:

Thursday Folders

Review all papers that are sent home and go over the problems missed.

This is a great time to sit down with your child to review concepts they’ve been working on at school.


Please provide a healthy snack for your child each day and encourage your child to bring a water bottle to school. Only water is allowed in the classroom. *****PLEASE NOTE: We do have students with different allergies (tree nut, peanut, etc.) and it is helpful to provide a snack with an ingredient list that we can check! Thank you!*****


Daily attendance is very important! Please help your child get to school on time. Scheduling appointments before or after school and during breaks helps maximize the learning of all students. Make-up work is required; however, many class lessons do not lend themselves to being made up at a later time. Please know that I appreciate e-mails or notes letting me know if your child will be absent. Additionally, the office needs to be contacted if your child will not be in school.


Homework is sent home Monday-Thursday to provide review and practice of the skills and concepts taught in class. You can expect about 30 minutes of homework a night and it will generally consist of reading and math. Occasionally, there may be writing or projects to work on. Completion and quality of homework is part of the overall grade. Please review homework with your child each night.

Students will be responsible for writing their homework in their planner each night. Once your child is finished with their homework please sign their planner.

Students should read 20 minutes each night and will keep track of their reading on the reading BINGO sheet. For every 15-20 minutes spent reading at home (examples: independently, with a parent/guardian, to a sibling, reading the newspaper, helping read recipes), the parent/guardian can initial and date any random square. Throughout each month, I will draw cards at random. If you have that space initialed, you will receive a stamp or sticker. When you fill up a line (across, down, or diagonal), you will receive an award!

Students who come to school with incomplete homework will spend their brain break in Study Hall.


Volunteers are greatly appreciated! About six weeks into school I will start having volunteers in the classroom. I will send out an email regarding volunteers closer to this time. Your role as a volunteer often includes working with small groups or individual students. Of course, confidentiality is expected at all times. If you sign up to regularly volunteer and cannot make it on your scheduled day, please let me know via email or note.

Classroom Management & Behavior

We are a PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support) school. In order to promote positive behavior students will have the opportunity to earn bison stickers when demonstrating that they are “BISON Strong.” The acronym BISON stands for Be respectful, Integrity, Safe, Own it, and Never give up. When students fill up a sticker chart they earn a reward. Students can also earn “Bison Bravos” for showing extraordinary “BISON Strong” behavior. This will be equal to a full sticker sheet.  As a class we can also earn “Bison Bravos.”  I use a color system in my class. All students will start the day on green. Students who behave inappropriately will receive a warning. If the behavior continues they will move to yellow. Continued misbehavior will result in the child moving to red and note or email home. Serious infractions will result in a correction slip. I also have a blue that represents "Above and Beyond" behavior. If your child lands on blue, I will contact you to let you know! If a student ends up on red they will mark it in their planner.  

*I always like to give the students the opportunity to move back to green for showing a change in their behavior for the rest of the day. I think this promotes more positive behavior because students don’t feel like they’ve completely ruined their day and that there is no point in trying to behave anymore! However, if a student moves to red and then earns their way back to green a note will still be sent home to let you know that they were on red for part of the day.

Grading Policies & Procedures

The Elementary Progress Report (EPR) will use a 0-4 numeric grading scale that will enable the teacher to depict your child’s progress toward achievement of the grade level expectations. Students will be assessed on their progress toward meeting Grade Level Expectations, which are the end of the year goals.

The EPRs will no longer have content standards on them, but rather World Class Outcomes. More information to come later in the year.

0 – No Understanding

1- Unsatisfactory

2- Partially Proficient

3- Proficient

4- Advanced

On daily work assignments, I will often grade indicating points correct out of total number of points possible or convert the points into a percentage.

You may also see a -, √ (check), +

+ above semester expectations

√ meeting semester expectations

- below semester expectations


This year our specials will be working on a weekly rotating schedule. On P.E. and Health weeks the days will alternate between the two. For example P.E. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and Health on Tuesdays and Thursdays or vice versa.


We love to celebrate birthdays! If students wish to bring in a treat to celebrate with the class, I ask that it be a small and quick treat to be enjoyed during afternoon recess. One must be provided for each student in the class. Birthday invitations are not to be passed out at school unless the whole class is invited.

*****PLEASE NOTE: We do have students with different allergies (tree nut, peanut, etc.) and it is helpful to provide a snack with an ingredient list that we can check! Thank you!*****

Other Reminders

Having multiplication facts memorized is essential to be successful in other areas of math. Please make sure your child has mastered their math facts.

Students should dress appropriately for the weather, as they will go outside on most days.

Students are not allowed to play on the playground before school or for at least 10 minutes after school.