Acres Green B.A.S.E.

What is B.A.S.E.?
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Our B.A.S.E. Program follows the 7 Habits!

What're the 7 Habits?
"Leader In  Me" School
The Leader in Me is Franklin Covey’s whole school transformation process. It teaches 21st century leadership and life skills to students and creates a culture of student empowerment based on the idea that every child can be a leader. 

Based off the "Leader In Me" Philosophy, we let the children help plan daily activities and field trips throughout the school year and on school breaks. We believe all children have the potential to be leaders and it's a huge component in our program.
Welcome to Acres Green B.A.S.E.
The Panther Pack!

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A list of the programming we offer:
- Before School (6:30 am to 8:30 am)
- After School (3:30 pm to 6:30 pm)
- School Breaks & Teacher Development Days    

Spending time with children and adults outside the classroom is an important component of our program, promoting positive social-emotional growth.

Children need a balance of free time and structured activities in order to thrive and grow. Learning, creating, achieving, problem solving, and exploring new ideas are all a part of what we offer children every day in our programs.
 We care that your children have a fun and safe place to go while not at home or in school. Providing choices to children is essential to their healthy development and happiness!

We are Accredited!

Receiving accreditation verifies that our program meets the highest level of standards and is committed to delivering the highest level of services to our students and families. Council on Accreditation (COA) After School Standards represent a merging with National Afterschool Association (NAA) standards, which are based on generally-accepted elements of best-practice, outcome-oriented, effective in advancing quality, and responsive to the unique, diverse needs of after school programs.