Africa Inquiry Project:


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What is a challenge Africa has, what is its impact, and what can be done about it?

Our Inquiry process on Africa...

  • CONNECT by learning about your topic (quick videos below)
    • Create questions you need to know about your topic and make predictions.
    • You may ONLY use the credible/reliable sources below to find answers to your questions.
    • Paraphrase (put into your own words and sentence structure) what you learned to avoid plagiarism.
    • Cite - Tell me where you found your information (Easybib™)
    • Write about your topic or create a Google Slides presentation to teach someone about your topic. Be sure to include:
      • What is the challenge Africa has?
      • What is its impact?
      • What is a solution?

Learn about the topic using CREDIBLE sources

Credible/Reliable sources with information on the problem

Links to information will be listed on your topic's webpage.

Learn what can be done using CREDIBLE sources

Organizations Committed to Solutions

Links to organizations and solutions will be listed on your topic's webpage.


World Book (link only works at CMS)