J. Jackson Math 7 / Math Accel. / Algebra I teacher

 I am so happy to be a member of the WOLF PACK !!! 

  I am originally from Iowa, and graduated from  IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY! :-) 
GO CLONES !!!!!!!!!!!

I put all homework / what we did in class every day 
on the 7 Grey Homework Calendar (see side tab above) 
in case your child is absent or needs another copy of homework, etc.

[ If your child is in Pre-algebra, have them look at the Math Accel. tab on the calendar ]
Kids can print right from the attachment / pdf link if needed...
  I ALSO......will update the pdf's on the Math 7 (homework/pdf files) tab
  or on the Math Accel. (homework/pdf files) tab
 ....... see side tabs above ........